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Food allergy

Food allergies is an overreaction, see exaggerated response of our immune system in the presence of a food or food additive that is normally harmless to most of us.

In the case of food allergies, the immune system produces several substances that help protect our body. Among these may be mentioned antibodies, such as IgA, & IgE, ... IgE antibodies are those involved in the'' immediate type of allergic reactions'' and potentially cause an anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction). When these antibodies come into contact with the food allergen, in some cases they cause excessive secretion of a substance called histamine, which leads to inflammation and other allergic symptoms. The symptoms experienced vary from one person to another and from one allergen to another and can be very dangerous or even fatal.

Food intolerance

Food intolerance is one of the different types of food reaction and means that our body is unable to support a food taken ​​in an amount usually tolerated by other individuals. Intolerance is usually developed by a sugar found in food, such as lactose in dairy products. If well managed, it is far less serious than food allergies because it is unlikely that the affected person dies from its reaction. This does not mean that we should take food intolerance lightly.

** Warning! Celiac disease is not a food intolerance but an autoimmune disease and all traces of gluten should be avoided.

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