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Health day at work |

Your benefits as an employer:

*Decrease rates of absenteeism

*Positive impact on your financial 

*Increases productivity

*Improved relations between 
  employers and their employees

*To empower employees on their 

*Employees in better health

*Awareness on having a healthy 



We can offer you a combination of several activities so that the health day unfolds according to your expectation and goals. 

Here is what WE can provide for you:

Health at Work Day

  • Screening for diabetes
  • Screening for Hypertension
  • Screening for Cholesterol
  • Information on how diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol can affect their lives
  • Information and awareness on ways to having a healthier lifestyle and stay healthy
  • Information on smoking and tricks on how to quit smoking
  • Etc...
Corporate services |

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"The nurse came to visit me this morning to take a bunch of tests (thanks to my doctor). She arrived on time, gave me a snack after my blood test (I needed to be fasting and I was starving) and as a bonus I did not bruise. Thank you for your services Clinic Medi Labs !. " 

- LP, St. Lazare, Qc 

"I am very satisfied with the services I have received from Medi Labs and I will never return to a clinic for blood tests again. Doing business with you allowed me not to interrupt my work day to go to a clinic, wait and then go home. blood tests were done in 15 minutes and you came to my work! thank you. "

- SW, Pointe-Claire, Qc 

"Having a job with hours unlike any other, I have been dealing with clinic Medi Labs for nearly six months for my PT/INR blood test . Can you believe the clinic came to my work .. at a time when I was available? This is really a great service with extraordinary professionalism. Thank you for the extra time that I now have instead of waiting in a waiting room . keep up the good work, you guy's are wonderful! "

- LG, Ste-Rose, Qc 

"Excellent professional, fast and friendly service!" 

-CR,Laval, Qc

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